Top Wedding Hair Trends for 2024

You’re preparing for one of the most special days of your life. Everything has to be just perfect, including your hair. You want your bridal look to reflect your style and personality, and your hair is a very important part of your overall look. There are no set rules when it comes to weddings, but there are some beautiful, trending hairstyles for 2024.

The wedding hairstyle helps set the vibe you want, and it’s important to find what fits your personal look for the big day. Get some inspiration from our list of the top wedding hair trends for 2024. Find what you like and let us personalize it for you!

Wedding Hair Styles for Long Hair

Long hair wedding hair style

If you are looking for wedding hairstyles for your long hair, there are plenty of stunning options for your big day. You can choose to wear your hair up, so your hair is away from your face. Or you can choose a style that focuses on natural curls. Here are the top trends in long hairstyles for weddings in 2024.

Sleek Buns

If your goal is to communicate refined elegance, sleek buns offer the perfect style for you. A bun stands the test of time and works well for hair that is medium to long in length. The style is great for the bride who wants to feel like herself, but it elevates her look just enough.

Sleek buns make the bride seem soft and approachable, but without compromising the formal feel. The bun looks chic and matches a wide variety of venues and wedding dresses from the silky slip dress to the flowing ball gown.

High Updos and Top Knots

If you’re looking for a sexy vibe and want to make a statement on your wedding day, high updos and top knots are ideal. This style works great for long hair, but it also suits a variety of hair textures, including curly, straight, fine, and thick. This wedding hairstyle is an excellent choice for hair that is at least shoulder length, but it can work if it’s a bit shorter.

Top knots and high updos pair well with wedding gowns with a V-neck or silk slip dresses with high halter necklines. Add your statement necklace for a stunning look that is certain to turn heads!

Soft Curls

Do you prefer a classic bridal hairstyle? Soft curls are beautiful, especially if you prefer to avoid the use of lots of products on your hair. It’s also great if you don’t want to spend your wedding night pulling out clips and bobby pins. If you want just a little more from your soft curls, maybe try a simple half-up, half-down approach.

 You’ll look great and it pairs well with almost any style of wedding attire. Of course, you always have the option of adding a few choice accessories to take style it up a notch.

The Posh Ponytail

Ponytails are back in style in 2024. One of the best things about the posh ponytail is that it can be dressed up or dressed down to suit your wedding style. You can have it styled with a wavy, romantic look, or you can go for a sleek and straight, elegant look. There is a ponytail to suit any style and they tend to work with any style of dress.

90s Vibes

If you want a break from updos and ponytails, there is a 90s vibe that’s making waves in wedding hairstyle trends in 2024. You may have noticed the style making an appearance on runways and red-carpet events. The style is loose and relaxed and concentrates on lots of body and root lift while leaving the ends relaxed. If you want to add a relaxed feel to the formal occasion, this is the hairstyle for you!

Accessories and Adornments

Hair accessories and adornments have their own trends with flowers still being big. Your choice of hair accessories will depend on your venue and the time of year. You can use dried flowers as a hair accessory any time of year to add a touch of luxury. Headbands are still on trend in 2024, too. You have lots of options for creating your own bespoke look. Additional options include pearls, hair pins, and bows, which are all trending currently.

Wedding Hair Styles for Short Hair

If you are a short-haired bride, you have tons of creative trendy options for your hairstyle, too. Your short hair provides a canvas for creativity. We’ve compiled a list of top wedding hair trends for brides with shorter hair. Take a look at these trendy, chic, and elegant hairstyle options to complement your special day.

Twisted Half-Updos

Looking for a chic, effortless hairstyle that takes your hair up a level? Try a half-up, half-down style that is created by twisting small sections of your hair and then pulling them up to secure them in the back. This is a versatile hairstyle option that has a timeless charm and adds a touch of elegance. This hairstyle adapts to your hair length naturally and beautifully.

The Tousled Pixie

Having a pixie cut doesn’t eliminate your options for a great hairstyle to complement your attire on your wedding day. Take advantage of a pixie cut and its uniqueness by tousling your hair. It’s perfect if you’re going for a playful or carefree look. Tousled hairstyles adapt to the length of your hair and exude a stylish, chic vibe. If you want a modern, but trendy look, the tousled pixie is an excellent choice.

The Classic Bob with a Birdcage Veil

You don’t have to give up the charm of your classic bob on your wedding day. It provides a sleek, polished look. The classic bob hairstyle is both timeless and romantic, providing clean lines and a tailored silhouette. It’s the perfect canvas for adding a birdcage veil. This delicate, stylish accessory will add a little bit of grace and whimsy to your wedding attire.

Wedding Accessories for Short Hair Styles

Your hair is beautiful, and it is easy to accentuate its beauty with a variety of wedding accessories. Short-haired brides can add a delicate tiara to create a timeless, regal bridal look. Maybe a trendy bohemian-style headband is more suited to your taste and style. It can be adorned with pearls or flowers, depending on your wedding venue, décor, and wedding dress. A headband elevates your wedding hairstyle and accentuates the simplicity and beauty of your short hair.

Choosing the Best Wedding Hairstyle

There are many wedding hair trends and styles to choose from. With all the decisions that you need to make, it’s easy to become overwhelmed. The most important part of choosing a hairstyle is to find one that makes you feel special. Choose the one you love; it’ll love you back! Your hairstyle on your wedding day should be as glamorous and elegant as you are, but it should also reflect your personality and style.
With that in mind, simply choose a hairstyle that you are comfortable wearing for this extremely special day.

Final Thoughts

You are about to step into one of the largest stages of your life! Whether you already have a wedding hairstyle in mind, or need help making the final choice, you are not alone! The award-winning beauty team at Sam Rose Beauty is here to help. You can be sure that you and your bridesmaids have the perfect hairstyles for your big day. Contact our Mobile Bridal Hair and Makeup team today!

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